Lucille Crighton’s colourful line of sumptuous jackets, vests and scarves are intricately handwoven using a mixture of exciting yarns. With fibre as her palette, Lucille continues to explore new ideas. 

Inspired by nature, art, historical and contemporary textiles, she weaves her web in a rainbow of vibrant and complex combinations. Lucille works from her Toronto studio designing and weaving one-of-a-kind handwoven garments for a private clientele, select crafts shows and galleries. In 2006 Lucille Crighton was inducted into the One of a Kind Show, Hall of Fame.

For the 16-shaft warp faced fabrics the colours & textures are designed on a cardboard reeling. The patterns for these fabrics are designed using the computer.  Then the yarn is wound onto the loom and threaded, ready for weaving. 

In 2022 the city of Toronto presented Lucille a residential garden award.


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The weft-faced fabric is designed on a 4-shaft loom, balancing colour, value, and texture while weaving and using up to 20 different yarns in one jacket.

Photo of Lucille around 1970.

Jacket prices range from $960 to $1095 Canadian.

Vest prices range from $450 to $850 Canadian.

Scarf prices range from $110 to $160 Canadian.

Poncho prices $450 Canadian.